Saturday, 10 March 2007

March 4-10

Tee Shirt from my very first race, the Bolder Boulder, Memorial Day, 1987. Twenty years ago. I will never forget the exhilaration of running into Folsom Stadium and crossing the finish line. I felt that every single person there was cheering solely for me. I finally had finished a race! (and I had a cigarette and matches tucked away in the tiny pocket of my little pink running shorts!)

This week was another week that wasn't what I thought it would be. I only managed to log 16.42 miles.

Monday 3.10

Weds. 4 miles

Friday 3.10

Saturday 6.20

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am sure it is something because I am not feeling good like I was a month or so ago. Although I must say that I took a few seconds off my mile time on my 10K today. For me, it is difficult to go any faster than the snail's pace I seem to run at (between 11:21 and 11:43 per mile). The encouraging thing is that the farther the run, the better the time per mile.

I have been reading a lot about training. I also recently subscribed to Runner's World magazine. Yesterday I found something written by Michael Finkel in March's issue that I absolutely love - and relate to: "those who can't do sports, run,"And those who can't run, run far."

I cannot wait to see how this all turns out.


Jason The Running Man said...

Wow - cool to find that shirt! I have my first shirt but that was only last May!:) Keep running!

Michelle said...

Neat shirt!!

I still have the T-shirt from the very first race I did 10 years ago (while still in college and on the rowing team). It's funny because it was from the same race I just did this past Sunday! Sometimes I wear that old T-shirt when I run (thankfully it's still in really good shape).

I like that saying, too. :)

Adam said...

Cool shirt.

I also feel sometimes that I am not improving. Then on the next run it all comes together(at least by my standards)