Saturday, 21 April 2007

29 days...

I just finished a great and fabulous 10 mile run. Now don't get the idea that my time was great, because clearly it wasn't. However, 4 miles into my run, I started crying. Why? you ask... because I realized that I was NOT in pain!!! Now why does it take 4 miles to realize that? I don't know, but the important thing is that I did realize it. When I got home I counted my times and realized that I had negative splits. Slow, but negative. The first mile is straight uphill, so I am sure that is a factor... and don't forget I am at 6,ooo ft. altitude!

This week I took money and a credit card with me. I stopped at the only retail opportunity on my path, at a gas station at about 5 miles. I bought a bottle of powerade and drank it!

So, this week I missed a day (which may have served me well considering I am painless for the first time in months), and ran 17.13 miles. I am happy with that.

And for any old people who run with an iPod - I downloaded the BEST song last night. Corny, yes, but fun, fun, fun to run to.
"Slow Boat to China" by Bette Midler.

I feel happy and strong this morning.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

5 weeks til the race

This is a cell phone photo from this morning's run. It was a beautiful morning so I decided to take a different route. I got too far from home and ended up running 10.5 miles when I was aiming for an 8 mile run. But it bumped up my weekly mileage to an all-time high of 25.06 miles.

Here is a question: The Bolder Boulder 10K race is one week and one day after my half-marathon. Does anyone think it is reasonable to run a 10K race just a little over a week after doing my first half-marathon? I would dearly love to do this race because it was the first race I ever ran - 20 years ago. It makes me want to cry just to write that. At that time, I was 35 years old, a heavy smoker, and not much of a jock. But I had youth on my side and was able to finish the race. Now I am 55 years old, I haven't had a cigarette in 16 years (or a drink in 22 and a half years) and have been running consistently for four years... slow as I am. Any thoughts?


Saturday, 7 April 2007

Icy Easter Weekend

That's the snow and ice encrusted cord from my iPod after yesterday's run. The entire front of me was a sheet of ice. That being said - I enjoyed the run immensely! Who knows why... I just felt good. I ran only a 5K, thinking today would be my long run. Today I doubt that I am getting out in it due to ice all over the streets and sidewalks. On my trip to the church and the grocery store this morning I saw 2 bad accidents within a couple of miles. I can take a hint!

I am worried about my lack of mileage. I hope that I will be able to increase it this week. We are now 6 weeks out from the race!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Moonlit run

The moon was so beautiful as it set over the mountains this morning I just had to take a picture. However, my cell phone doesn't produce the highest quality photos. But I wanted to post something positive about a run.

Yesterday I ran 3.64 miles. This morning I ran 5 miles. It is a beautiful morning, in the upper 30s, a clear early spring morning. I feel like I might be back on track! I cannot wait for my half-marathon. When I run, I dream of what it will feel like to be running along mile after mile of Colfax Avenue.

Sunday, 1 April 2007

7 weeks til the Colorado Colfax Marathon

Isn't it funny that I am not worried about running 13.1 miles in the half-marathon - but I am mostly worried that continuing to train for it is just asking for injury. I have really backed off the mileage. I hope I don't regret it.

I ran only 11.73 miles last week. Here are the reasons for the low mileage: we had snow 2 days, high winds a couple more, I had insomnia for four night and felt horrible! In March my total was 75.59 miles. As I write that, I realize that really IS a lot of miles. I ran 90 miles in January... so getting down under 20 miles a week seems like "slacking" to me.

The other discouragements are: I have gained a bit of weight. When I tell people this, they assure me that as I train, I am gaining muscle and changing my body composition. It would be nice to believe that, but the fact that my jeans are now tight, and my belly is now slightly hanging over tells me that this is not muscle and it is not good. But I have to eat to train and I am doing just that! The other discouraging thing is that my times for my runs are slowing. I think this means I am going to have to get back on the treadmill once or twice a week. Instead of the wonderful runs outdoors daydreaming with the trees and the fresh air, I need to get on the dreadmill at the gym - where I can set the pace to a 9 or 10 minute mile and work on some speed.

I can't believe I am looking forward to training for the triathlon because it will be a break from the half-marathon training. It is fun to ride a bike and swim. Bike riding is my favorite sport of all time, and I am even good at it! I find swimming almost meditative.

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I really appreciate you bloggers!