Saturday, 7 April 2007

Icy Easter Weekend

That's the snow and ice encrusted cord from my iPod after yesterday's run. The entire front of me was a sheet of ice. That being said - I enjoyed the run immensely! Who knows why... I just felt good. I ran only a 5K, thinking today would be my long run. Today I doubt that I am getting out in it due to ice all over the streets and sidewalks. On my trip to the church and the grocery store this morning I saw 2 bad accidents within a couple of miles. I can take a hint!

I am worried about my lack of mileage. I hope that I will be able to increase it this week. We are now 6 weeks out from the race!


Jason The Running Man said...

you will be fine. Doing great. The software that I use is called SportTracks.

Here is the link to download.

Tom Roper said...

Wow, frozen iPods! No such problems here, as we have a spring heatwave.
Hope it warms up for you.
There's nothing like an enjoyable run, that inexplicable feeling that you could run forever, to give you a boost in the middle of a hard training programme.

Adam said...

Seems to me that after the worst conditions, hot or cold, the shower after the run is the most enoyable.

Keep it up.