Saturday, 24 February 2007

Feb. 18-24

Another cell phone photo of Clement Park. BUT, you will note that some of the lake is actually thawing! I ran last night after work, my least favorite time to run, because it was supposed to snow today. But alas, the sun is shining today. I hope the weather will be nice tomorrow because I need to get a long run in.

I ran only 13.44 miles this week. 4 miles on Monday, 2.08 miles on Tuesday, 3.10 miles on Thursday, and 4.25 on Friday. My times are abysmal. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am certain there is something wrong because instead of improving, my fitness seems to be declining.

One encouraging note... I have the Nike + iPod gadget, which gets me signed on for all of the wonderful functionality of Part of that is a leaderboard for each age group. In women 55 to 59 years old, I am now in 9th place in terms of total mileage. It really meant a lot to me to break the top ten.


Debbi said...

If it's any comfort to you, my training schedule had me running the least number of miles last week of the entire 14-week program – four days of four miles each. Perhaps your body intuitively knew that you were supposed to cut back a bit before the next few weeks of sustained effort.

Jason The Running Man said...

Congrats on 9th! Thanks for stopping by. Yes it was awesome to run for 2 hours.

Sue said...

I know some people like to run every day but I like to have at least one day's rest in between my runs. When I was training for the half marathon I ran 4 times a week which did call for two consecutive days, but I always had a rest day before my long run.

After the half marathon I cut back to 3 times a week, two middle distance runs with one long run at the weekend, with no obvious bad effects so I guess 3 times a week is enough for me.

Everybody is different and you have to listen to your own body. 3 quality runs may be better than 4-5 runs that leave you feeling not so good.

Well done on your 9th place!